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Dog Sitting services in Selby

Puppy Visits / Dog Sitting / Pet Sitting

dog walking selby - private one to one

Getting a puppy, is a very exiting time for every household, however working and everyday living can be a challenge. VIPets offer a puppy sitting service!

We will come round twice a day to break up your working day. In these dog sitting visits we clear up any mess the puppy might have made, give them lots of play and cuddles, do a short lead walk with them and feed them if necessary.

We feel socialising is very important for dogs so when your puppy is ready for mixing, we will slowly start to integrate them with other dogs, eventually they will be able to join us on a full hour walking session with the bigger dogs they will have the confidence to do so.

The same applies for adult dogs too. We apprcaite that some owners have to work, and having their dog visited and walked whilst they are out is a weight off their shoulders.

Dogs are not the only pets that we love to visit! Please let us know if you need any other pet sitting services.

Half Day and Full Days of Fun for Dogs

We understand that some dogs suffer anxiety problems and can't be left for long periods of time on their own. With this in mind, VIPets offer half days and full days of fun and frolics tailored to your dog's needs.

This would mean that your dog is out of the house for a minimum of 4 hours for half day and 8 hours for full days, having lots of fun, walking and exercise. Water and treats are given to your dog to ensure they are happy at all times.

Other Services

If you have any other requests in Selby for your animals that are not listed in our services please contact VIPets, we are happy to help with your requests where we can.

Call 07796 444 411 for details about our VIPets Services

Working hours: 9:00 - 5:30. Before and after this time, bank holidays and Christmas is subject to 50% extra charge. Holiday boarding is a 24 hour service, so no extra charges apply.

Please note: All pets must have an up to date vaccination card. In addition, dogs must be vaccinated against infectious bronchitis (kennel cough).